Explore, Discover and Indulge in Authentic Thailand Experience

Thailand’s golden Buddhist temples, turquoise and white beaches, unique marketplace culture and interesting history are loved by travelers from both end of the budget spectrum. There are some visitors who choose to swing through the country as they make a beeline to the coast while others take months wandering in the country. Whether you go to the islands, the nearby beaches or stay in Bangkok, you can be sure that there will be something interesting to do during your Thailand trip.

To make the most out of your Thailand holiday, there are several places to see and things to do that you must not miss out during your stay in this stunning Asian country.

The Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw
Your Thailand tour will never be complete if you don’t visit The Grand Palace, no doubt one of the most famous attractions of the country. The beautiful architecture of this grand old dame will take your breath away. The palace exhibits a wonderful glimpse of the craftsmanship and creativity of Thai artists. Inside the palace is the Wat Prakeaw, a Buddhist temple with historical traits of Emerald Buddha.

Explore Thailand’s Countryside
Don’t just spend your holiday in Bangkok and make sure you spend time in Thailand’s countryside, too. You will be surprised that you don’t have to travel far to escape Bangkok’s hustle and bustle. You can explore the canals, called klong and bask in the beautiful landscape of the country. If you like, you can also visit an agricultural cooperative where you can learn about the traditional Thai farming.

Shop in Floating Markets
Yet another popular spot among tourists in Thailand is none other than the floating markets in Bangkok. These are run by local people where you can find vegetables, fruits, juices and other products sold from sailing boats. Prepare to be stunned by the unique view of goods sold from boats.
Visit a Thai Winery

Did you know that Thailand also produces some quality wine? During your visit in the country, make sure that you drop by one of its famous wineries, such as the GranMonte, to get a sip of their best tasting wine. It is a wonderful romantic experience that couples can enjoy together. GranMonte also has its very own quality restaurant where you can enjoy a sumptuous meal after you tour the vineyard.
Take a Cruise at Chao Praya River
If you want to relax, a short cruise on Chao Praya River will make you enjoy ultimate luxury as you learn more about Thai culture. Here, you can visit the traditional temples and personally feed fish. You can also visit several museums or check out traditional Thai handicraft.

Learn the Traditional Thai Massage
Finally, conclude your Thai trip with probably the best relaxation treat you can give to yourself, none other than a traditional Thai massage. Thai massage is often done with no oil involved and you are fully clothed. The masseuse typically makes use of all parts of his or her body, including the elbows, knuckles, knees as well as the feet to massage you in various positions that almost resemble those in yoga.

Are you ready for your Thailand trip?

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