Hong Kong – Places to Visit and Things to Do

Hong Kong is a country packed with numerous famous attractions as well as sightseeing opportunities. You’ll find endless things to do and see. Below are some of the sights and places that Hong Kong can offer you:

* Ride Star Ferry
Star Ferry is considered as one of most ideal ways to enjoy the views of Victoria Harbor’s skyline. It has been used to carry passengers from the Hong Kong Island to the Kowloon and back since year 1888. You may enjoy a trip from the Tsim Sha Tsui Pier on Kowloon Peninsula to Wan Chai Pier to Central Pier on the side of Hong Kong Island. The shortest voyage basically takes about seven minutes and can be availed at a cheap rate.

* Take the Peak Tram to Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak is basically the highest point in Hong Kong Island. It’s the best place you can look out over the city skyline. Riding the Peak Tram is an exceptional visual experience. This eight-minute trip will give you sweeping views of the skyscrapers, walking paths, and verdant trees of Hong Kong Island. If you like stargazing, Victoria Peak is the best place.

* Enjoy Delicious Dim Sum in Local Restaurants
Literally, dim sum means to touch one’s heart and this refers to the different exquisite bite-sized dishes. These are steamed in advance in the bamboo baskets and paraded in different steam carts at various restaurants. The variety of dim sum dishes is actually amazing. Restaurants always provide 30 or 40 different dishes for customers to pick from including congee, shrimp dumplings, spring rolls, and steamed pork dumplings.

* Enjoy a Stroll along the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade
This place runs along the tip of the waterfront of Kowloon. It’s one of finest places to see great views of Hong Kong skyline as well as bustling Victoria Harbor. Hong Kong Space Museum, Star Ferry Terminal, Avenue of Stars, and Museum of Art of Hong Kong are situated along promenade. It’s enjoyable to take a short walk and experience slower pace of life in international metropolis.

* Make Most of Macau Day Trip
Only one hour away by ferry, there is another world that awaits you with beautiful Portuguese buildings and different style of cuisines to indulge and big casino resorts. The biggest gambling city in the world is a huge change from the country.

* Explore Lantau Island
This is Hong Kong’s biggest island and it’s still a populated island of natural beaches, parkland, mountains, and biking and hiking trails. You may also visit this island for sightseeing, relaxation, and outdoor adventures. The famous attractions in Lantau Island include Disneyland. This is the fairy tale world with the popular classic Disney attractions, exceptional restaurants and shops, and amazing live entertainment in a magnificent setting. You will also find in this island a fishing village called Tai O.
There is more to discover in Hong Kong. Start planning your travel now and get ready to be stunned!

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